Final Floating Look

30 Jul

We’ve been down at the floating market for over a week now. Cooking up a storm and enjoying the bustling atmosphere with live music, games, arts & crafts.  Thanks to Tom Mattey, we’ve got some lovely new photos to share with you :)

We’ll be at Mile End until 16th of August, so come down for some grub, music, arts and crafts….the market is situated between Roman Rd & Mile Ed Rd and is open from around 1pm until the sun goes down……check out what’s happening down at the floating market

Floating Market@Mile End Park

29 Jun

From the 20th of July until the 16th of August 2012 Vareska will be taking part in the British Waterways Olympic Floating Market. The market will be situated in Mile End in East London (Mile End park opposite the Palm Tree Pub), on the Regent’s Canal, just over a kilometre away from the Olympic Stadium. The floating market will move to the picturesque Little Venice in West London from 20 August to 2 September, over the course of the Paralympic Games and for the August Bank Holiday.

There will be 14 trading boats, amongst them the book barge, sandwich barge, cake barge, wood turning, boat with frocks and more. We’ll post exact time and more details very soon. If only our floating market could look like this ….

Float with the Boat

29 Jun

You may wonder what the boat looks like…we’ve been doing many preparations/alterations and are not ready yet. We’ll be posting our opening day very soon. Little flavour of what has been done….at 1st the big paint job. I’ll soon post more photos of our wooden spoon for the roof, umbrella for cover, serving counter on the back plus hanging sidewall herb garden….exciting…



Catering@Hackney City Farm

29 Jun

Some of our 1st amphibious cooking adventures took place on land at the Magnificent Revolution‘s Cycle-In cinemas where we cooked up  “Kotlíkový guláš” – goulash with potatoes, peppers & small dumplings, “Zemiakový šalát” – sweet & sour potato salad and “Vyprážaný zeler” – battered & fried celeriac steaks…yum..yum…yum

Thanks to Bartek Odias for the photo